• Michael Baum Whimsical West Paintings


    Born in Tulsa, Oklahoma in 1950, Mike's first home was a trailer traveling from Oklahoma to Ohio where his family settled.  The call of the great American landscape, full of highways, cafes, and canyons, found a permanent home in his psyche.  In 1977, with an art degree in his back pocket, he said good-bye to Ohio and went West where his real education began.  

    He's been exploring the Western landscape for more than 35 years and has barely scratched the surface.  Its beauty goes beyond the visual and strikes deep in the soul.  Mike works out of his studio and home in Manitou Springs, Colorado, and enjoys getting out and painting on site whenever he can.  

    These Giclee prints are archival quality digital prints.  He makes them himself of the best materials.  All images are professionally framed and are all from his original paintings.  Visit www.MichaelBaum.com for additional works.