• Linda Dewey Pottery


    Linda Dewey lives on a farm in Granby, Colorado.  Her Granby farm is where she calls home with her husband and 130 Alpacas.  Recently retiring from a successful career in the fiber industry, she began to venture out in signing up for pottery classes.  She quickly grew to love the art, and quite by accident discovered the beautiful green and purple hues to her work.  

    Linda says "It give me pure joy to share this creative process with you . . . Enjoy!"

    Items offered include Sponge Holders, Butter Dishes, Berry Bowls, Bread Baskets, Utensil Holders, Planters, Vases, Mugs, Plates, Bowls, Sushi Trays, Hanging Planters, Soap Dispensers, Yarn Bowls, Chip n' Dip Sets, Cheese Plates, Oil n Vinegar Sets and Pitchers of all sizes.  Prices range from $12 to $62.