• Colorado Fusion Craft Decorative Tins

    Beth and Laura worked in the computer technology field for many, many years.  They decided for a second career, to indulge in their creative sides and have fun.  So they started playing with polymer clay in 2009 and one thing led to another. 

    They both left corporate America under very diffferent circumstances, and went to lunch one day in 2009.  It was there they agreed they both needed an outlet from the stresses that come from caring for loved ones. So, they bought a book about polymer clay and started out making beads for jewelry.  As time went on, they improved their technique, finishes, designs and color palettes. When Beth and Laura play with clay, it is absolutely self serving, fun, relaxing, and a good time!  

    They often say,  "We believe that you must be able to laugh at yourself when plans don't quite turn out right.   Be able to laugh so hard with your friends that tears and crossing your legs are involved, and sometimes you can't even look at each other because the tears of laughter come to your eyes...now that is a good time!"


    In 2014, they roped their friend Layne into helping them at shows which led to creating a fabulous line of soy candles.

    Items include greeting cards, 8 oz. round and square decorative tins, 14 oz. decorative tins, large rectangular decorative tins and vintage square decorative tins.  They offer a wide variety of soy candle scents both in tins and glass jars.  Prices range from $4 to $52.